Wireless 8×8 RGB LED Matrix

On the PC is running the processing application, obtained by integrating the “neorainbowduino_simple” example of the neon rainbow-0.82 library, with the “Plasma” algorithm (taken from the examples of Processing: File -> Examples -> Topics -> Effects -> Plasma), which creates an 8×8 image.

Wireless 8×8 RGB LED Matrix

This matrix of pixels is sent via serial port to the first of the two JeeNode’s on which runs a modified version of the Arduino firmware from the neon rainbow-0.82 library.
This firmware variation allows the JeeNode ?? to receive the bytes for the pixels’ RGB components in the image and send it via radio to the second JeeNode (using the RF12 library developed by JeeLabs, to easily use the RFM12B radio module).
The firmware on the second JeeNode allows it to receive the image from the first one, using the RF12 library, and send it to the Rainbowduino via I2C by the Wire library (included in the Arduino IDE).

Hardware components:
– A PC with Processing
– Two JeeNode
– A Rainbowduino
– An 8×8 RGB LED Matrix

Software/Firmware components:
– An application is written in Processing (neorainbowduinoplasma.zip)
– The library neon rainbow-0.82 which is composed of three parts:
+ A Rainbowduino firmware
+ An Arduino firmware
+ A Processing library
– The firmware for the two JeeNode’s (neoLed
tx.zip) (neoLed_rx.zip)

For reference, you can watch the video.

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