Web-Based Programmable Logic Control (PLC)

Today there is a very rapid development of technology and progress and it is the Web-Based Programmable Logic Control (PLC), these developments require humans to continue to innovate to create tools that can help in performing daily activities.

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Many activities to do outside the home who sometimes have to leave home until the days and – days. Usually, we always turn out the lights when leaving the house empty. This could cause the waste of electrical energy consumption for lighting during the day alive, and will also lead to vulnerability to theft because the house is seen in a state of no activity. To overcome this, the authors sought to create control systems electrical installations are cheap and easy to apply.

This application will manage all electrical systems to manipulate the situation as if uninhabited, except that this application will replace our work in the light turn on and off every day. Therefore, the authors tried to examine and make the “Applications Web-Based Control Electrical Equipment OpenWRT”.

OpenWRT is an operating system (actually more properly called Firmware) that can be installed (more precisely planted / in-embedded) on a wireless radio device. OpenWRT is to replace the function of a PC is usually used in the application of programmable logic control (PLC), as an OpenWRT operating system can be installed with various applications such as web server and PHP. This capability makes the “Applications Web-Based Control Electrical Equipment OpenWRT” is very flexible and low cost. Another capability of this application is able to control your home from anywhere are, as long as it can be connected to the internet.

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