The First Hong Kong Starlink Project: Build a Smart City of the Future

The Smart City in the 5G era is on the way, as the satellite industry pioneer, Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group, Ltd. (HKATG), has launched its first Starlink project, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Golden Bauhinia Satellite Constellation. The project is also the first satellite StarLink project in Hong Kong, which is dedicated to building smart cities in the future. It centers on covering the Greater Bay Area, involves rapidly-developing city agglomeration, and aims to achieve a dynamically in-depth integration of urban information, refinement, intelligent nation as well as people-oriented sustainable development and innovation to boost Hong Kong’s economy.

The Golden Bauhinia satellite constellation is low-orbit, high-frequency constellation, and its huge constellation can obtain the whole ecological life cycle data of the entire city agglomeration. Moreover, the Golden Bauhinia satellite constellation has a spatial resolution of 3 meters to Earth Observation, with a spectral range between 400nm and 1000nm. Its orbit can cover the entire Greater Bay Area once every two days, which is an area of up to 56,000 sqm.

For focused areas of observation, their satellite constellations can revisit every 30 minutes to obtain up-to-date information. Coupled with the high-resolution CMOS sensor camera ground pixel resolution 2m@500km, the single image ground width is better than 54km.

In addition, satellite launches are no longer limited to countries and industries, and more commercial satellite applications become feasible. According to statistics, the global space economy in 2018 has reached 360 billion US dollars, and the satellite industry accounts for 77%. While launching costs decreasing and the threshold for satellite manufacturing lowering, the commercial space launch industry will become mainstream.

Speaking about the future development of the aerospace industry, Sun FengQuan, HKATG’s Chairman of the Board, said that the satellite constellation and the market economy would be increasingly closely correlated to enable the commercial space industry to quickly enter the racetrack. Upon this, he believes that HKATG, the first enterprise to develop a satellite Starlink project in Hong Kong, will be on par with the world’s top standards, benefiting the Greater Bay Area and Asian companies, enhancing their competitiveness and helping to build the smart city of the future.


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