We Fight Fraud Online Conference April 28: Police and Former Criminals Team Up to Protect Businesses from COVID-19 Crime

LONDON, April 22, 2020, / TechATalk / –  We Fight Fraud  (WFF), the unique fraud prevention team, has drawn the attention of companies to the fact that confinement imposed by coronavirus has led to an increase in attacks, which, according to WFF, represents an increase of at least 25% and could reach 80% [1]. To help businesses and other organizations, WFF announced a free online conference on April 28, which will bring together key law enforcement officials, subject matter experts, and former criminals – including a con artist, a senior member of the Mafia and a hacker – who will give businesses insider knowledge they need to prevent and fight financial crime. It seems to be the first time that a group like this has appeared in public to help protect the public and businesses.

We Fight Fraud Live
We Fight Fraud Live is on 28th April

Among the main contributors to the team are:

  • Tony Sales  Tony has been called “Britain’s biggest crook”. Tony now advises some of the world’s biggest brands on their fraud and loss prevention strategies. Tony is a regular on the television set and participates, among others, in the Watchdog program of the BBC and in “Nailing the Fraudsters” (Channel the crooks) on Channel 5.
  • Andy McDonald  – Andy was previously Head of Specialized Investigation in the SO15 Counter-Terrorism Division and the British National Unit for Financial Investigation into Terrorism in the United Kingdom (NTFIU). He was also the head of the Metropolitan Police fraud squad at New Scotland Yard.
  • Solomon Gilbert  – Solomon was arrested and expelled from school at the age of 17 when police discovered 2 million credit card numbers stolen from his home PC. Since then, he has worked with the National Crime Agency, the Home Office (of the United Kingdom), regional police forces and private companies.

John Marsden, Fraud Prevention Manager for the EMEA ( Europe, Middle East, Africa) region at TransUnion, a global company specializing in intelligence and analysis, will also speak during the conference. “Social distancing is changing purchasing habits and scammers are looking to take advantage of this change. In fact, our recent survey of 1,000 adults in the UK  found that 23% of those surveyed said they had been the target of COVID-19-related digital fraud. As these dishonest processes jeopardize more information about customers, it is essential that businesses protect themselves. ”

Steve Taklalsingh, managing director of Amaiz , the banking application, expressed his agreement in these terms: “We have done our best to guarantee the security of our services as well as possible, in particular by using advanced biometric data. However, attacks often exploit human vulnerabilities. To guard against this, businesses must be trained in the mental functioning of a criminal. This is a great opportunity to find out. ”

To reserve a place at the conference, go to www.wefightfraud.org/live. The main speeches are free, but participation in some sessions costs £ 20 (profits will go to the NHS, the British health system).

The conference also benefits from the support of Cifas  (British fraud prevention service),  Responsive Digital Solutions  (IT specialists), Askaris  (technological aid for essential business activities), Police Digital Security Center, B-Secured  (company specialized in event security) Aryaka  (digital network company) and JCBcs  (data security company).

[1] These figures are based on WFF’s analysis of current cyber attacks.

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