Is AI (Artificial Intelligence) The Next Revolution In Society?

Artificial Intelligence, Yes, I believe it is.

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In this cartoon we pose the question, “Do you believe this cartoon was made by a real person?”

The answer to that is not simple. The image was generated by DALL-E, from The speech bubbles and the words on the computer screen were done by me using GIMP.

To generate this image, I typed this request into DALL-E: 3d concept art, older gentleman talking to a younger man with a big computer behind them.

The AI did the rest. The “big computer” wound up being interpreted as a computer monitor on a desk, and although I requested that the computer be positioned behind them, the computer monitor didn’t wind up behind them. Nevertheless, I like where the AI put the computer monitor even better than where I requested it to be positioned. I think the AI improved on what I requested it to draw for me.

This is incredible. The future is now. Computers can draw, paint, and make images that look just like photos or cartoons or whatever you want. All you do is give a general description of what you want to see.

DALL-E is a variant of GPT-3, an AI chat bot. Instead of generating text, it generates images based on natural language descriptions. DALL-E’s developers claim that it does this “…by using a combination of deep learning techniques and a large dataset of images and their associated text descriptions to learn the relationships between language and image content. When given a text prompt, DALL-E uses this learned relationship to generate an image that matches the description.”

I hope that opens your eyes to what’s happening in the world of artificial intelligence these days. There’s much more to it than just that, of course, but AI is moving ahead by leaps and bounds on an ongoing basis.

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