High Voltage Amplifiers

Here is a high voltage wideband amplifier designed to provide large voltage swings at high slew rates
in wideband systems. The true inverting op-amp topology employed in this high voltage amplifier schematic’s provides excellent D.C. specifications
such as input offset voltage and input bias current. These attributes are important in amplifiers that will be
used in high gain configurations since the input error voltages will be multiplied by the system gain.

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  • Ultra-Low Quiescent Current – ±15mA for High Voltage
  • 150V Peak to Peak Output Voltage Swing
  • Slew Rate – 4200V/μS Typical
  • Gain Bandwidth Product – 550 MHz Typical
  • Full Power Output Frequency – 9 MHz Typical
  • Output Current – 250mA Peak
  • Adjustable VHV Power Supply Minimizes Power Dissipation
  • Compact Package Offers Superior Power Dissipation

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