Featured Of The Week – Electrical Engineer Bryan Gallares

Interview with Bryan Gallares – Electrical Engineer

Engineer Bryan Gallaris, Engineer, Electrical Engineer

Can you give us a little background about yourself?

I am Bryan Rey Gallares, a PRC licensed of Registered Electrical Engineer (RME) and Registered Master Electrician(RME). I graduated from Cagayan de Oro College-PHINMA education Network(COC-PEN) last March 2006. I am working abroad since 2008 as an Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer/Inspector in an Industrial Support Facilities and also in an Oil & Gas Plant particularly in ARAMCO Projects, Qatalum, and QAFCO Projects.

Out of many fields of expertise to choose from, why Engineering?

Perhaps I can say that align with the engineering field is my fate. Before, I probably chose to be a Certified Public Accountant(CPA) but when a Foundation comes along and provided me the scholarship to study Engineering(electrical) course where they sufficed everything I needed while the duration of my study. therefore, I immediately grabbed the opportunity ‘coz we were very poor and impossible to finance studying college and I am glad to meet those brilliant and wonderful people who help me to appreciate engineering course and it is greater than I thought.

What are you currently working on?

I am now focusing on my field in electrical as Inspector in an Oil & Gas Plant.

Do you have any note-worthy engineering experiences?

A lot of interesting and significant experiences to enumerate in our field of practice that makes me challenge especially those things we didn’t encounter yet even it was simple to commence and some of it requires the assistance of the manufacturer’s expertise.

What is the most challenging problem having you fixed in your field?

Resolving the design issues of our client’s reference drawings, which were undersize, and overloads refer to its upstream and downstream respectively as per actual required in the project’s specifications, standards, and contract.

As an Electrical Inspector at SK Engineering and Construction Co in Saudi Arabia, how was it the feeling of working with a different culture?

It was great especially adaptation and adjustment with your colleagues, workmates, bosses, clients, and even with laborers to became better suited to the environment and inter-relationship in our work site.

What are your primary tasks or duties as a QC Inspector at Nara Controls INC.?

I particularly work on HVAC instrumentation Inspection to witness & sentence it if the particular devices and sensors delivered correctly, installed properly and tested to its function within acceptable criteria, requirements, specifications & standards otherwise Non-conformance Report(NCR) will be the issue to construction Organization to fix and rectify my respective remarks.

For almost 10 years working with other countries what is the best experience, you have as an Engineer?

I personally encounter and resolved issues that I only read in books and some were out of my thought that those things really exist.

What are your favorite hobbies during your free time?

Watching anime, reading anything base on my model, and browsing online.

What direction do you see yourself heading in the next few years?

Accepting job offers from our clients to work with them in the same company and to settle me for the next stage of status.

Is there anything you’d like to say to young people to encourage them to pursue Engineering?

Engineering is a grandeur in every way and everything we perceive through our very eyes is made by Engineers and even intangible matters are part of engineering fields.
The engineering field is only brief and precise but not as totally as accurate as others may think of it. It is like (Output=Input-Losses) means there is no such thing that what you have Input will be the same as Output. The trouble with numbers is not really true but instead only to go back to basics like 1+1. The theory is basically important for us to comprehend and it starts from our daily living and experiences and applies it in a respective manner WHERE IT RELATES TO SOMETHING.

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