Do Apple Employees Receive An iPhone?

A month from now Apple products will release their new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Now, the question is, Do Apple Employees Receive An iPhone? Do they prefer it if you do use a phone?

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If you work in an Apple Store, you won’t be getting an iPhone for free, but you will be eligible for a substantial discount on an iPhone. Retail managers don’t particularly have an interest in what brand of phone you use as an employee, but it does look a bit weird when you whip out your Android phone in front of a customer at the Apple Store.

Corporate employees, depending on their division and department, are eligible to receive Apple-owned iPhones and other devices to use for work. When they leave the department (or Apple) they have to return the devices that were issued to them. For security reasons, some departments at Apple don’t permit the use of an Android device or non-Apple cloud services for sensitive work.

The only exception to these two possibilities was when Apple released the original iPhone. When this happened, all full-time employees and part-timers who’d been working more than 10 months received the 16 GB iPhone for free, to keep.

Edit: as someone deftly pointed out, yes the original iPhone shipped in a 4GB and 8GB models. The 8GB model was the one we received. The reason I remember 16GB is because we were all permitted to exchange our phones for the 16GB model when it was released less than four months later.

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